Facebook Page Weekly Uploads — Since October, 2012

The series began in October 2012, posting one new piece per week on Fridays at my current working place where I work as a translator (SolidCamera facebook page). I used to post them directly on the company website. Now I post them on my own facebook page and then share them afterwards.  

Customer Reviews

I have been watching Mi-chan so many times since I received it today. The drawing is far beyond my expectation. I am very impressed. Seeing your work today, I really felt glad I had asked you to draw it. To give to somebody who already has everything, this is definitely the best mother’s day gift! I also like the frame you chose. It matches the drawing very well and you saved my time to go and find one. I appreciate the long hours you invested in it and for coming over so many times. Thank you very much!

Kobe: house wife, Mrs. K


My cousin received your Peechuke (the parrot’s name) drawing today and they gave me a message. I was happy to hear they were very impressed. They were also surprised to get 2 drawings. I asked them for a souvenir photo for you.


Kobe: house wife, Mrs. K



My father liked the present (as a father’s day gift) more than I had expected! His feeling toward Coro (the dog’s name) was deeper than I had imagined, which was a good surprise.


Kobe: house wife, Mrs. K


I showed the pictures to my family and they were very happy and surprised! They will send the picture to my nephew tomorrow. I will definitely ask you for another drawing when I have the chance! And thank you so much for even preparing good frames for them!! I will call you again.

Kobe: insurance sales woman, Mrs. K


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2015 Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki, Nishiwaki, Japan

2014 Gallery DEAI, Akashi, Japan

2014 Gallery Café WORLD TIMES, Shukugawa, Japan

2013 Gallery Modern, Kobe, Japan

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