Takahiro Yamada — Art and Translation

Takahiro Yamada (山田 貴裕) 

[Black & White Ballpoint Pen Artist / Translator]

Cats, dogs, owls, stuffed animals and all furry KAWAII things draw most of the attention of my ballpoint pen. My aim is to express their warmth and liveliness on paper through simple means. 

Also, presently a translator (Japanese-English) for an Osaka trading company.

Please feel free to contact me anytime through email or Facebook. 


Activities   :Art, Translation 

URL (eng) :http://takasan-eng.jimdo.com/

URL (jp)    :http://takasan.jimdo.com/ 

Facebook  :http://www.facebook.com/takahiro.yamada1983

FB Page    :https://www.facebook.com/takasannasakat


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